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Burn and Barrel


Burn and Barrel is a series of whiskey and cigar pairing events curated every month by the team at J. Jackson: Mobile Mixologist. Every month, guests explore new flavors in the broad range of whiskey categories, from sweeter bourbons, to spicey ryes to full-flavored and smokey Islay scotches. Each guided tasting includes a hand-picked cigar curated by the owners of the finest smoke shops in the greater Nashville area.


Each event is attended by reservation only. Connect with us on the Burn and Barrel Facebook group to get in on an event coming to your area.

Smoker's Abbey


Join us at Smoker's Abbey, 7PM, May 13th.

Featured whiskey of the night: The Grandfathers of the Four Roses Family

Make your reservations HERE. Tickets go on sale Friday, May 1st.

Password: burningrose



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