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Check out our ever-growing list of original cocktails that we've designed for our hosts. Use this list as inspiration and know that the sky's the limit! Trust us to add a signature flair to your next event with your own personalized cocktail recipe.


J. Jackson Originals


 peach tea infused vodka, house ginger syrup, mint, fresh lemon, seltzer


Tom Brown Sour

white whiskey, honeysuckle liqueur, fresh lemon, muscadine wine, rhubarb bitters, Angostura bitters

St. Felix No. 15

Islay scotch, port, black walnut bitters, lemon-brown sugar foam,

pipe tobacco garnish 


Fog and Field

bourbon, house-made maple/yerba mate tea syrup, hot cream, nutmeg


Laguna Derby

bourbon, lime, housemade brown sugar jalapeno syrup, egg white



dark rum, lime, plum puree, champagne


Good Friday Flip

gin, ginger liqueur, sherry, pineapple, brown sugar, egg, cinnamon


Frenasi Fix

bourbon, lemon, pineapple, fresh berries


White Alder

Jack Daniel’s, house-made honey/hops syrup, chardonnay, fresh grapefruit


Sacred Bull

mescal, lime, espresso liqueur, banana/cinnamon syrup, coconut cream


Verano Baja

tequila, Miletti’s, fresh watermelon, muddled mint, lime,


reposado tequila, hot sauce, black pepper, celery salt, fresh bellpepper, worcestire, Mexican dark lager, cayenne, salt



Anejo tequila, brown sugar, lime and orange peel, Angostura, orange bitters



reposado tequila, tea infused sweet vermouth, lemon sorbet, rosemary, champagne


Souris de L'été (Summer Mouse) 

brandy, house-made honey/cayenne syrup, fresh orange, espresso, smoked orange peel


Southern Piratini

cacasa, mulled cider, madeira, lemon, bitters

Jackie - O

bourbon, port, apricot liqueur, bitters

Sweet Briar Sling

vodka, house-made white wine/berry syrup, fresh lemon, seltzer

Watch Me Tay-Tay

gin, mint, fresh lemon, pear cider

Chin Up, Boot Down

bourbon, Genepy Des Alpes, pineapple/white wine gastrique, orange flower water, fresh lemon, seltzer


Damn The Weather

gin, house-made strawberry/honey syrup, rhubarb bitters, fresh lemon, mint, champagne

So I Married a (Gig)Axe Murderer

bourbon, plum sake/orange peel syrup, smoked souchong tincture 

Slingin' in the Rain

gin, pear/lemongrass syrup, lemon, sake, orange flower water, coconut Lacroix, blackberry garnish

Rum Cannonball

dark rum, Campari, cream of coconut, bitters, pineapple cider, nutmeg

Nature vs. Nurture

tequila, orange bitters, white wine, house-made hibiscus syrup, fresh lime

One Humble Bumble

blonde rum, fresh lime, house-made orange/honey/allspice syrup, coconut milk

Santa's Skinny Dip

gin, house-made passionfruit syrup, fresh mint, absinthe, fresh lemon, mandarin seltzer

Heaven and Nature Sing

bourbon, house-made cinnamon/grapefruit syrup, fresh lemon, fresh pineapple, bitters

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