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What is the benefit of using a private bartender vs. a caterer?


As a specialized event vendor, we can provide a more thoughtful and creative libations experience than a caterer can at a far more competitive price. While some caterers can include bar service for their customers, this service is not their main focus, and often times it shows in the guest experience. What's more, caterers charge a hefty premium for this product, charging as much as 7.50 per guest per hour (the average wedding hosts 150 guests. That's 1,125.00 per hour!). By partnering with  J. Jackson: Mobile Mixologist,  hosts can be assured that they are providing an exceptional and tailor-made experience for their guests by using a vendor that specializes in all things bar-craft while saving them money.

What benefits are there for ordering our beer, wine and liquor through you instead of just shopping for it ourselves?


By utilizing our distributor connections, our clients purchase their wine and liquor at a 10% discount. In addition, any wine and liquor that is unopened/undamaged can be returned for a refund after their event has concluded.

Are you and your staff certified?


All of our staff are TABC certified and insured.

How does payment work?


Payment is a two-step process. After consultation and your budget draft is approved, you will receive an invoice for the total cost of product. Payment for this charge is paid via check or Paypal and  serves as your deposit. The second step is the cost of service, which is due at the end of service on the date of the event. This final charge can be paid via cash or personal check.

What is the “kit fee”? What does it include?


The kit fee refers to the total cost of supplies for serving your guests. This includes 16 oz. plastic cups, 9 oz. plastic cups, ice, straws, napkins, lemons, limes and assorted mixers. This charge is calculated by adding the total amount of guests served with the total amount of hours of bar service.

What assorted mixers do you provide?


We provide water, club soda, tonic, diet tonic, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, ginger ale, cranberry juice, orange juice, lemons for garnish, limes for garnish, grenadine and Angostura bitters. If you are seeking additional options (like tea or a special kind of juice for example), this item can be added to your budget draft.

What happens to the beer, wine and liquor after the event?


The added benefit of using a private bartender over a caterer is that the beer, wine and liquor are YOURS. Product left over from the event can be stored, given away, or even returned for a refund if they are unopened and free of moisture or damage. (Wine and liquor only.)

Do you choose the brands that are used at the event or do we?


Your menu is customized entirely to your tastes and budget. We offer many brand suggestions to our clients but are happy to include any specialized items in your budget draft.

What equipment do you provide?


At this time, we provide bar tools, coolers, mats as well as ingredients and supplies covered in the Kit Fee. We do not provide cloths or bar coverings but can suggest vendors of such items to our clients. We do have a portable bar that can be added to your service package. See our Packages tab for more info.

Do you provide glassware?


We currently do not provide glassware rental as a service but can happily serve as a coordinator between you and another reputable vendor in the Nashville area.

We have a particular cocktail that we’d love to include at the event. Does that cost extra?


Absolutely not. We are well-versed in many popular cocktails and will be happy to add them to your unique menu. If your preferred cocktail involves ingredients not covered in the kit fee, they will be added under the "Additional Ingredients" heading in your budget draft.

Do we need to provide a deposit in order to secure your services for the date?


After your budget draft is finallized and approved, you will receive an online invoice for the total cost of product. This payment is due no later than two weeks prior to the event and serves as your deposit.

What is included in the Mixology Lesson?


The Mixology Lesson is a special service that can be added on to any small or large event  package. This lesson is a 60 minute course that includes a short lecture, hands-on drink mixing, an introduction to advanced bartending techniques and a fun custom cocktail challenge! Guests even receive complimentary bar tools to take home. This service is 59.00per guest (minimum: 10 guests). See the Event Offerings page for more details.

What is included in the Custom Cocktail Package? What does it cost?


The Custom Cocktail Package is a special service that can be added on to any existing small or large event package. If a client expresses interest in this service, we include this as part of our initial consultation. This service can be added to an existing package for 80.00. Any additional liquor or special ingredient will be added to your budget draft.  See the Event Offerings page or more details.

After the labor and product, what does it generally cost to use you at our event?


The grand total for each event differs with the unique preferences of our clients' tastes, but generally, a large event (150 guests) that includes beer, wine and multiple liquor options would generally cost no more than 1,600.00 dollars. A small event with 20 or so guests with the same drinking options generally costs no more than 500.00 dollars.

Is gratuity included?


Gratuity is already included in your proposal. There is no need to add a gratuity on top of your service fee.

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