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Our Story


"Life should be celebrated."


Whatever the occasion, we pour our passion into it.


Whether it be your wedding reception, birthday party or corporate holiday event, it's the clever details that make your celebration memorable. When creativity, thoughtful service and a passion for the craft are what's called for, J. Jackson: Mobile Mixologist is the team you want. 


With an emphasis on flexibility, resourcefulness and extensive bar industry knowledge , we are able to create a signature libations experience for any budget or occasion. Whether it be beer and wine, custom-made cocktails, or even private mixology lessons, our team can add a tailor-made touch that will surprise and delight your guests and keep them talking about their night well after it's over.


Our model of service offers a wider array of potential than a typical caterer, and without all of the unneccessary costs. Contact Josh today and make your next event complete with your very own private bartender.



Josh Jackson got his start in the world of mixology in a very unlikely place. During his career at one very prolific coffee shop chain back in 2010, he began to play with the idea of flavoring lattes and other espresso drinks with liqueurs instead of syrups. This led him to consider the idea of one day opening a dessert-only concept noted for its coffee cocktails. With little experience about using liquor, he began fiddling with home made recipes in his kitchen and inviting his peers to sample the drinks and give input. The feedback was often the same: "You are on to something, but it's not quite there yet."


With a desire to grow in knowledge and experience in the craft of cocktail design, Josh devoured any instruction on the topic he could, utilizing books, podcasts and eventually bartending school, which thanks to their job placement program, got him behind the bar at a west end hotel in short time.


Having grown in experience behind the bar in both a restaurant setting as well as on-site at a diverse range of events. Josh became aware of the need for affordable and quality bar service for clients in the events industry. This realization became the catalyst for the developng of J. Jackson: Mobile Mixologist, a private bartending service that aims to bring the same memorable service a client would expect at a quality bar directly to their event.


Since its inception in 2012, J. Jackson: Mobile Mixologist has continued to build strong connections with clients in the wedding industry, the non-profit sector and a wide range of hosts who seek a creative way to surprise and entertain their guests. Let him and his team deliver the curated libations experience that you and your guests crave TODAY.



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