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Bri's Springtime Signature

One of our specialties at JJMM is providing a completely bespoke cocktail recipe to any of our hosts who place a high value on personally customized experiences. Our wedding couples particularly love this offering because it allows them to infuse their unique personalities into the oft-overlooked—but very important—bar menu.

When we consulted with Bri and Frank to create the signature cocktails for their summery Tennessee wedding, they both had very clear visions for the kinds of drinks they wanted to share with their guests. Bri’s was particularly attuned to the season—so naturally, with warmer weather fast approaching, we thought it an ideal time to share her signature cocktail with you!

Bri’s notes described a flavor profile that is herbaceous, aromatic, and fresh. She loved crisp white wines and a classic, refreshing Spritz. This template served as a natural playground for us to have some fun with bright, floral ingredients. The result was a Spritz-inspired summer-sipper featuring gin, white wine, citrus, homemade cucumber syrup, and Genepy—a bracing, herbal liqueur flavored with Alpine flowers.

Check out the recipe below, and try it next time you invite your crew over for some sunny day drinking on the patio.

In a shaker tin, add:

1 oz gin

1 oz Genepy des Alpes

0.75 oz lime juice

0.75 oz Cucumber syrup*

1.5 oz Sauvignon Blanc

Shake vigorously and set aside

In a stemless (or stemmed) wine glass, add ice and optional cucumber wheels.

Strain shaker contents into glass

Top with a splash of club soda, straw and a generous sprig of mint leaves

*To make cucumber syrup,

Juice 3 cucumbers, or enough to yield 2 cups of cucumber juice

Add juice plus 2 cups of sugar to a sauce pan, and set to High.

Stir mixture while heating, and remove from range as soon as bubbles begin to appear.

Let cool and then store in an airtight container in fridge

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