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2019 Highlights: Cavalleri Mukbang!

Hey gang, this is Josh of J. Jackson: Mobile Mixologist, or as the host above Kelsey would say, "Santa." It was a wild challenge and a ton of fun to be a part of this shoot. Back in February, I was contacted on very short notice to be a part of a Kristen Cavalleri project where they were going to do a take on a Mukbang featuring Southern style wild game, and they wanted someone to pair each of the dishes with a craft cocktail.

So here were a few short clips chronicling our 1st foray into reality TV. There were some wacky bantering moments that didn't make the cut, and a lot of hustling in order to keep the drinks coming. If you're curious at all, here's what I put together to pair with each dish.

• With Duck – Smoked Betsy Ross (cognac, port, orange liqueur, bitters, house liquid smoke)

• With Elk – Mancini (bourbon, crème de cacao, orange bitters, Italian fortified wine)

• With Venison – Watch Me Tay Tay (JJMM original – gin, lemon, mint, pear cider)

• With Pheasant – Rutherford Cobbler (JJMM original – bourbon, PX sherry, rose’ wine, bitters, blackberries, allspice)

• With Rabbit – Union Garden Fizz (JJMM original – vodka, strawberry preserves, orange bitters, elderflower liqueur, basil, lime, soda)

• With Quail – The Jackie-O (JJMM original – Rye, apricot brandy, port, bitters, Benedictine)

• With Gator – Alder Shade (JJMM original – Tennessee whiskey, sauvignon blanc, grapefruit bitters, hopped honey syrup)

• With Lamb – The Suffering Bastard (gin, brandy, housemade ginger beer, lime, mint)

• With Boar – Negroni (gin, sweet vermouth, Campari, orange twist)

NOTE: I warned them they probably wouldn't like it but it made sense to pair a classic Italian cocktail with an Italian dish. Oh well.

• With Ostrich – Rain Singer (JJMM original - gin, pear/lemongrass syrup, sake, lime, orange flower water, coconut seltzer)

• With Rattlesnake – Sombra Sour (JJMM original – mescal, blackberry wine, lime, orange peel tea)

• With Sausage – Backyard Radler (JJMM original – aged rum, fresh orange, pale ale)

If you want to see the full video, check it out HERE!


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